Thursday, November 17, 2016

Maternal Filicide

Some mothers kill their children because they are "seriously disturbed" and it gets them attention. If it is not linked to suicidal thoughts, it is most likely homicidal behavior associated with a psychotic break down or postpartum depression. Studies show mothers commit maternal filicide because they have extreme mental illness. There are 5 reasons why psychiatrists think mothers kill their children:

1.) a mother thinks it's the child's best interest to be killed by his/her mother - altruistic filicide
2.) a mother hears voices possible saying "kill your child" - acutely psychotic filicide
3.) a mother doesn't mean to kill her child, but she murders her child after constant abuse from someone else - fatal maltreatment filicide
4.) a mother believes a child is stopping her from living - unwanted child filicide
5.) a mother kills her children to get revenge on her husband - spouse revenge filicide

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Taoism vs Chinese History

Taoist texts can help deepen our understanding of Chinese history because they are very similar. The Chinese took the same looks on life just like the Taoist's did. The Chinese sent petitions and documents to the emperor just like the Taoists but they sent them to another world. The structures and  bureaucracies are very similar. Taoism is an important religion to the Chinese. There was proof of there being Taoist popes but they were lost until the Song. Taoist priests use the same terms and practices as the Chinese priests do. The Chinese have thought about teaching Taoism in schools but decided not to. Today, Taoism is expressed as part of traditional Chinese culture that the government is promoting but only certain aspects of the religion. The Chinese Constitution guarantees freedom of religious belief but not religious practice. Many Taoist priests do illegal things now. They are allowed to do rituals but can't claim to actually accomplish anything with the ritual, or else it will be superstitious. If a Taoist priest claims their ritual will actually heal something, someone or save their relatives, they can be put in jail for fraud.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Holocaust Story Blog

I think the story of Moshe Yosef Daum and Fela Nussbaum is similar to The Book of Job because mostly everything that happened to Job happened to Moshe and Fela. Job got everything taken away from him, for example, his family was killed by God, he was rich and then he was poor and his house was destroyed for nothing. Moshe and Fela had children that they had to give away for their own safety during the Holocaust. All three people probably thought "Why?". Both stories showed that the characters were faithful to God, and then they get punished by him for no reason, and they probably wondered where was he when they need him most. Although God replaced all of Job's things - his family, his house, his money, he didn't want all new things, he wanted the things he had before God cursed him. This also goes for Moshe and Fela because before they were killed they definitely wanted things to back to the way they were before they were a part of the Holocaust, or even before the Holocaust was an event in that time of history. The differences in these stories are they happened at different time periods and they were different events occurred in history. Another difference is they both have different people and things were included in these stories.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Book of Job

The Book of Job is similar to the other stories we've read about during the Old Testament .The story of Abraham and Isaac is similar The Book of Job because it is based off of the same situations. These situations are someone/something is being sacrificed The people in The Book of Job also had to show their faithfulness to God just like Abraham had to do when he was about to sacrifice his son to show God that he truly loves him. The story of Noah's Ark is similar to The Book of Job because there is a father that is surrounded by children and animals like Noah when he builds his ark. Noah also curses his grandson just like Job did.

The Book of Job is different from all the other stories in the Old Testament. This is because The Book of Job is not focused on one thing in the story. It is focused on many things that connect to other stories the Old Testament, but this is why it is different.

Friday, September 30, 2016

High School

So far, the best thing about high school is being able to leave campus when we have a free period or lunch. When i went into middle school I thought "Wow I have so much more freedom than in elementary school." Now that i'm in high school I think there is way more freedom than both middle school and elementary school. The lunch periods are also not just of one grade anymore. It is with all 9-12 grade students and this is where opportunities to meet new people come in.

The worst thing about high school is there is and will be a lot more work than middle school and elementary school. There will be more tests coming up and not much time to prepare for because there will be more than one test for different subjects in one day. The thing I also don't like about high school is I don't have many of my friends in my classes. Again though, that is an opportunity to meet new people and become friends with them.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mind Map

I learned from this project that there are different ways to view points/quotes in a story. My feeling in God have not changed very much. I think he is still the same way he used to be. God's characterization in Genesis 6-9 has not matched up with what i always believed. I did not think he would betray some of his people, but he did in the Genesis book.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Genesis 2 & 3

Genesis 2 & 3

At the end of chapter 3 in the Genesis story, Adam and Eve get kicked out. I blame Lord God for this because he decided to kick them out. At the same time, I blame Adam and Eve for being kicked out because they didn't listen to God. If they listened to God and not have eaten from the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden, they would be living in the Garden and not have so many troubles for themselves or for other living creatures. Since Adam and Eve both ate from the tree, they both got punished. Eve had to suffer child birth along with all the other mothers until nobody else is left on Earth. Adam was punished by having the ground being cursed. The serpent, also known as the talking snake from the tree that made Adam and Eve eat from the tree, is cursed also. His punishment is him and all other animals having to crawl on their stomachs and eat dirt for the rest of eternity. God is right and wrong in this situation and so are Adam and Eve. The serpent is 100% wrong in this situation by influencing Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from the tree. God is right in punishing the bad characters because they did what they weren't supposed to do, but God is wrong too because it's not Adam and Eve's fault for eating the fruit because they were told it would make them healthy and the snake convinced them. Adam and Eve are right because they didn't know the snake was lying to them by him saying the fruit is good for them. They are also both wrong because God told them in the first place not to eat fruit from the tree because it would kill them, and they did anyways. Instead of having all the characters who deserve dying die, he punished them with bad punishments and punished future human beings because of Adam and Eve's actions.